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Bricks Sample pack 20kg

Bricks Sample pack 20kg

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Eco-Friendly Tasmanian Oak Hardwood Bricks (Box of 24)

Welcome to the ultimate solution for your eco-conscious heating needs and outdoor adventures! Our specially curated box contains 24 premium hardwood bricks, crafted from compressed Tasmanian oak sawdust. These aren't just bricks; they're a step towards sustainable living and enjoying the warmth of nature responsibly.

Why Choose Our Hardwood Bricks?

  • Eco-Friendly Warmth: Made from 100% Tasmanian oak sawdust, these bricks offer a guilt-free way to enjoy a cozy fire, reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices.
  • Perfect Trial Pack: Whether you're considering a larger purchase for your home heating needs or just need enough for a weekend getaway, this box is your ideal pick. It's the perfect way to test the quality and convenience of our hardwood bricks.
  • Camping Companion: Not only do the bricks serve as a reliable and efficient source of heat, but the box itself doubles as kindling, making your camping trips hassle-free. Light your campfire with ease, ensuring those marshmallows are roasted to perfection.
  • Moisture Alert: To maintain the integrity of the bricks, keep them dry. Exposure to moisture transforms them back into dust, affecting their burn quality. Stored properly, these bricks promise a clean, smoke-free burn.
  • Consistent Quantity: Each box is filled with 24 bricks, ensuring you have ample supply for your needs. While the total weight approximates 20kg, variations may occur due to the natural composition of the bricks.

Product Specifications:

  • Contents: 24 Hardwood Bricks
  • Material: Compressed Tasmanian Oak Sawdust
  • Weight: Approx. 20kg (varies slightly)
  • Usage: Suitable for fireplaces, wood stoves, and campfires

Ideal For:

  • Eco-conscious homeowners seeking sustainable heating options
  • Outdoor enthusiasts and campers looking for reliable, easy-to-use fire materials
  • Anyone wanting to trial a high-quality, environmentally friendly fuel option

Transform your fire-burning experiences with our Tasmanian Oak Hardwood Bricks. Whether it's heating your home or lighting up a campfire under the stars, enjoy the warmth and sustainability these bricks bring to your life. Add to cart today and embrace a cleaner, greener way to stay warm.

Weight & Dimensions

Approx 20kg

Delivery & Returns

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Care Instructions

Keep your briquettes free from any moisture. If they get wet they will absorb the mosture, expand and be no good for burning

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Danielle w.
Easy warmth

The fire lighters work really well on all wood and the bricks burn nice and warm. Great samples thank you. I'll purchase again

Catherine F.
Brick sample

I got the sample size because I wasn’t sure what the difference was between the briquettes & the bricks. I do like the bricks & will probably get more when the time comes