Carbon Conscious: Efficient operations for a lighter footprint.

At Eco247, we're not just delivering cat litter and firewood, we're delivering on a promise of sustainability. We believe in smart choices, efficient action, and leaving a lighter footprint on every road we travel. Our fleet might not be brand new, but it's a testament to our commitment to responsible resource use and maximizing results.

Vintage Power, Sustainable Mission:

Our trusty 2008 Fuso and 2009 Hino trucks might not be fresh off the factory floor, but they're veterans of the road and champions of the environment. We meticulously maintain their engines,optimizing fuel efficiency and emissions control. They're not speed demons,but they hum with a smooth efficiency that minimizes their environmental impact.

Brains Over Brawn: Smart Routing to the Rescue:

Forget aimless wandering! Our smart routes squeeze the most out of every mile, whether it's the Fuso, Hino, or even our trusty 2013 Toyota Prado. Think GPS infused with eco-wisdom, minimizing emissions on the way to your doorstep. We deliver smiles, not just packages, so we plan by zone and day, giving you predictable deliveries and a lighter carbon footprint. You'll know exactly when to expect your goodies, making every delivery day a little greener and a lot more exciting. Choose us, and get a smarter, greener, and more convenient delivery experience.

Delivery Schedule

Planting More Than Trees: From Footprint to Forest:

Offsetting emissions isn't enough. We actively fight for a greener future through our robust tree-planting program. Every journey optimized, every litter box refilled, every firewood delivery contributes to planting trees that absorb more carbon than we emit. With your help,we can transform our footprint into a thriving forest, leaving a legacy of clean air and vibrant ecosystems.

Tree Planting

The Future

We are currently planning to electrify our fleet, fueled by the sun. While commercially viable electric trucks remain out of reach, we are strategically investing in R&D to bridge the gap, positioning ourself for a swift transition when costs fall. Rooftop solar panels plus panels on top of the trucks will power these clean machines, severing dependence on fossil fuels.

Join the Sustainable Revolution:

Choose Eco247 and be part of a movement where convenience and sustainability go hand-in-paw. Embrace the charm of our vintage fleet, powered by a future-proof routing system and unwavering commitment to transparency. Every purr-fect delivery you receive helps us plant more trees,reduce our impact, and build a lighter footprint for the future.

Remember, small choices can lead to big changes. Together, we can make a purr-fectly sustainable difference.