From Pea Pod to Paw Pad: Eco247's Plant-Powered Purrfectly Sustainable Litter

At Eco247, we believe every little surprise deserves a big impact. That's why our Pea Tofu Litter isn't just kind to paws, it's kind to the planet too. We say no to waste and yes to plant-powered purrfection, transforming humble pea husks into a revolutionary litter that's gentle on both feline feet and the environment.

The Unsung Hero Gets a Starring Role:

Those tiny peas nestled in their pods? Their protective casings, often destined for the landfill, become the heroes of our story. We unlock the hidden potential of pea husks, transforming them into a super-absorbent wonder through our innovative processing.

Naturally Pawsome, Naturally Sustainable:

We believe sustainability starts at the source. That's why every ingredient in our Pea Tofu Litter is plant-based and sourced from sustainable farms. Not only does this reduce our environmental footprint, but it also means your furry friend can indulge in a little nibble (or two) without worry. Our human-grade production standards ensure every scoop is purrfectly safe and worry-free.