Meet the Eco247 Team: Where Green Solutions Have Heart


Mark Menzies

Juggling isn't just a hobby for Mark, it's an art form he's mastered to keep Eco247 rolling smoothly. From marketing magic to financial wizardry, customer service smiles to delivery logistics, Mark orchestrates it all with an infectious enthusiasm that keeps the forest-growing mission on track.

Customer Delivery & Experience Guru

Brian Menzies

He is the maestro of making customers purr with delight. He navigates delivery routes like a GPS on catnip, ensuring every interaction is as warm and efficient as a crackling fire. As a vital branch in the Eco247 family tree, Brian champions customer service with a touch of irresistible charm. Just a heads up, if your delivery is fashionably late, blame it on Brian – he's too busy having a chit-chat and turning every moment into a potential punchline!

Holiday Delivery Hercules

Travis Davidson

Don't be fooled by his teacherly demeanor, Travis transforms into a holiday delivery powerhouse come peak season! With the strength of three men (and a heart to match), he tackles overflowing bins and demanding schedules with a can-do spirit that never quits.

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