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We currently only deliver to the area on the map. In Victoria Australia. Not in the area? Signup to our mailing list for updates on our delivery area.

Free delivery for orders over $50

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To use our bin exchange service you need to firstly buy a bin which you can do in the below packs.

Then when you emply your bin you order a bin exchange and leave the bin on your driveway (firewood) or on your porch (cat litter)

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Made from pea husk

Plant Based Cat Litter

Skip the clay and go green with our sustainable plant based cat litter! Crafted from upcycled pea husks, this natural wonder is packed with powerful plant-based goodness, keeping your kitty's throne fresh and fabulous!

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Made from Sawdust waste

Kiln Dried Bricks

Redgum who? Upgrade your fireside ritual with our kiln-dried Tasmanian oak sawdust bricks. Made from upcycled wood, these colossal bricks pack a punch – burning hotter than redgum with minimal smoke. Savor 2.5 hours of sustainable warmth, knowing you're choosing heat that heals the planet.

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Made from Sawdust waste

Kiln Dried Briquettes

These briquettes are all about instant fire magic! Just grab your butane fire lighters, light them up and watch them transform into 1.75 hours of fiery bliss. No woodpile or kindling, just pure, effortless warmth for any occasion.

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Saved from landfill

American Oak Offcuts

Skip the guilt, fuel the spark. These kiln-dried offcuts cast a sustainable firelight. Diverted from landfill, their flames dance bright, saving trees one cozy night. Ditch the chopping and embrace the warmth of American Oak.

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saved from landfill


Ditch the paper piles, choose nature's fire. Rescued Tasmanian Oak kindling, a sustainable desire. Kiln-dried and ready, a gentle coax, flames dance with history, from forgotten oaks. Cozy moments bloom, eco-friendly delight, to make fireside nights just right.

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