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Charmate 15" Vertical BBQ Smoker

Charmate 15" Vertical BBQ Smoker

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    Traditional style smoking at home!

    Whether you find yourself frequently visiting your local German pub or Scandinavian restaurant, drooling at the mere sight of a smoked brisket or smoke-cured cheese screwed across the menu - you've got to ask yourself, why aren't you smoking your own meats at home!

    This traditional style BBQ smoker is specially designed to retain and circulate heat and smoke throughout the entire smoker, ensuring your foods are cooked evenly and taste great! Using nothing other than ignited charcoal to naturally cook your foods, rest easy knowing you can keep track of the internal temperature via the lid mounted thermostat ensuring nothing is over cooked!

    If you're cooking multiple food types, be it veggies, sausages or juicy ribs, take comfort knowing you can vent out some smoke at any time via the escape vent up top, or open the two separated access doors down the side and remove those succulent goodies.

    Smoke, grill, roast & keep warm

    This truly versatile, non-invasive offset smoker is set to replace your not-so-trusty barbecue, portable grill, roasting oven and even fire pit! Featuring two large chrome plated cooking racks and detachable compartments - this all year round cooking essential is perfect for any cooking or entertaining enthusiast. 

    Impress your family and guests with smoked roasts, steaks, ribs, fish, seafood, vegetables, pizza and more! And when the feast has been served turn this charcoal smoke in a portable fire pit and keen warm without an extra appliance.

    Economical and family-friendly

    Crafted from a heavy-duty, non-conductive steel with heat-resistant paint, this BBQ Smoker is a safer cooking alternative to rotisserie roasters or BBQ that can emit a lot of heat or even short circuit due to electronic connections - meaning you can't cook your annual neighbourhood barbie might have to be cancelled. 

    Thankfully the 3-in-1 charcoal smoker seals all burning hot charcoal within it's child-friendly chambers without using a simple electrical connection! With one of these beauties in your backyard, the good times are sure to keep on rolling.


    Pack contents:

    BBQ smoker

    Smoking & grilling user guide

    Heat resistant painted steel construction

    Versatile 3-in-1 design - smoker, griller & roaster

    Includes handy information guide on smoking and grilling

    Ideal for smoking & slow cooking food

    Grill perfectly sumptuous meats 

    Two large chrome plated cooking racks

    Lid mounted thermostat for internal heat indication

    Water bowl included to add moisture when cooking

    Portable & detachable

    Adjustable vent and access door

    Water pan for retaining moisture


    Bakelite handles

    Stainless steel grill plate

    Materials: Heavy-duty steel


    Weight & Dimensions

    Dimensions product:

    Fire bowl diameter: 38cm

    Cooking grills diameter: 38cm

    Box Dimensions:

    W 45cm x D 45cm X H 26cm

    Net Weight: 5.5kg

    Gross Weight: 6.5kg

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