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38cm Stainless Steel PureAir

38cm Stainless Steel PureAir

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Introducing the revolutionary low-smoke fire pit that transforms your outdoor gatherings into smoke-free bliss.

Crafted from High-Quality 201 Stainless Steel:

This durable fire pit is constructed from premium 201 stainless steel, ensuring exceptional longevity and resistance to corrosion. Built to withstand the elements, it will provide years of enjoyment and enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Compact and Portable:

This ingenious fire pit folds down to a mere 20 cm height and 38 cm circumference, fitting effortlessly into the included carry bag for seamless portability. When assembled, it stands at an ideal height of 40 cm, providing ample warmth and ambiance.

Eco-Friendly and Smoke-Free:

Paired with our ECO247 Bricks and Briquettes, you can achieve a virtually smoke-free fire within 15 minutes of lighting up. Our already low-smoke fuel, coupled with the secondary burn technology of the fire pit, ensures a clean and enjoyable experience for everyone.

No More Eye-Watering Smoke:

Gather around the fire without the irritation of smoke stinging your eyes. Our low-smoke fire pit allows you to fully appreciate the warmth and ambiance of a crackling fire without sacrificing comfort.

Easy to Assemble and Clean:

The fire pit's simple cane-fold design makes assembly a breeze. Simply unfold and lock into place, and you're ready to enjoy the fire in minutes. Cleaning is equally effortless, with a removable ash pan for quick and mess-free disposal.

Unleash the Joy of Smoke-Free Gatherings:

Transform your outdoor space into an inviting haven with our low-smoke fire pit. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a roaring fire without the discomfort of smoke, creating countless cherished memories with friends and family.

Order your low-smoke fire pit today and experience the smoke-free difference!

Weight & Dimensions

Diameter: 38cm

Height: 40cm

Weight : 6kg

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