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Great service

Fabulous service, excellent product
Everything they offer is great

Easy warmth

The fire lighters work really well on all wood and the bricks burn nice and warm. Great samples thank you. I'll purchase again

Great product and service

I’ve had three deliveries from Eco 247 now. The whole process is so easy and the convenience of having wood delivered in wheelie bins is brilliant. The kiln dried hardwood bricks burn cleanly. Once the fire is established there is no smoke and very little ash. When the bin is empty I just book the change over for a full bin - love it!

A must for wood fires

Very pleased with this product just had our 3rd delivery and know that it's good value and a great addition to our regular wood for our fire it burns beautifully and over a decent time too

Brick sample

I got the sample size because I wasn’t sure what the difference was between the briquettes & the bricks. I do like the bricks & will probably get more when the time comes

Love it

This is the best cat litter I’ve used and the room doesn’t smell off cat wee and poo it keeps the smell away

Easy Peasy

Easy ordering, excellent communication, helpful drop off, good product

Hardwood bricks

Excellent delivery service, the bricks have been exceptional, I've hardly used any wood so far, just a bit of kindling to start.

Large Fire Pit With Cross Weave Design
Julie S.
Can’t wait to use it

I can’t wait to use this now the cooler weather is upon us.

Cat litter

It is the best and no more pee smells is the best

Kiln -dried hardwood bricks

Excellent service from this company along with an excellent product. Will be buying again.


Didn’t think I could get excited about cat litter but here I am singing the praises of the green tea version of their product. Minimal dust, odour control and clumping are spot on. The brand I was using, supposedly world’s best, required me to sweep the floor frequently due to the small particles however Eco247 eliminates this. I also consider there is less waste when using my scooper. Well done folks, this is THE BEST … love it!

Gone Peach

Change from Green Tea to Peach and cats jumped right n to use. If they are happy I’m even happier. The litter is such a far superior product compared to the paper based litter that I used to use. Cleaning up and less waste and seems to last forever. A bonus is no more dry reaching when cleaning up the poos. The litter has exceptional order control. At times I sometime question if they actually laid a nugget, that's how good this litter is. If you are hesitating changing over don't. This litter is awesome and believe the hype. Your cat(s) will love it.

Best decision ever

This litter has been an absolute game-changer at our place. Tried just about every litter possible over the years, but always seeking an environmentally friendly option that can go in our Council green bins. Most recently used clay from Aldi, but the change in formula made it stick like glue to the litter tray and schlepping 10kg bags home not really practical. Our wheelie bin of Eco 247 cat litter was delivered at Easter time and we’ve been using it since - it is effective, light, easy to clean out trays and doesn’t smell. Our two elderly blind cats took to it immediately. Really happy we made the switch. Kim in Malmsbury.

Best litter for tracking and odour

Couldn't ask for more honestly. I have 6 cats and have been on the hunt for the best odour reducing litter, and this has hit the spot. I was optimistic, but it was even better than I expected. Will be getting the big bin of it once we move house for sure.

Love this product

Love the fresh clean smell of the original litter. I also love the wheelie bin exchange system. The litter is great to use

Excellent product

First time

This is the first time I have had a way of burning safe strong materials to deliver a wonderful experience. I really enjoy he ease of ordering, delivering & replacing when I need more. Luckily I have a good sized garage that can house all my bins!!

Extremely quick service. Highly recommended.

AMAZING!!! Best litter ,best customer service

This is the best way to buy litter. Fantastic for kittens. Safe on the tummy. Easy to scoop. Highly recommended

Effective and sustainable

Great litter! Clumps in seconds, breaks down in the toilet. I ordered the 'original' sampler pack and was incorrectly sent all 4 colours/scents. Not a fan of the vibrant artificial colours and scents. Have since ordered the 'original' 55kg bin and will continue to purchase as I am a fan of the product and zero waste ethos.

Best cat litter ever!

I decided to give tofu cat litter a try because I needed to reduce my regular waste and increase my organic waste because of changes to my council’s waste collection system.
This cat litter is the best. The clumping makes it super easy to scoop out the soiled litter. I have tried the lavender scented litter and there’s no ammonia smell anymore.
I love it and I’ll never go back to the clay or recycled paper type litter again!

good product and easy to order

This is a great product and ordering/delivery is very simple. Highly recommend!