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50pk Paraffin Natural Firelighters 'Wood Wool' Fire Starters

50pk Paraffin Natural Firelighters 'Wood Wool' Fire Starters

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Introducing our exceptional fire-starting product, meticulously crafted from the wood of shaved Pine trees. Each piece boasts a truly distinctive texture, carefully designed to ignite your fires with ease. Crafted through an intricate process, the Pine wood is delicately shaved and expertly curled, resulting in a captivating spiral design that's both functional and visually appealing.

To elevate its igniting capabilities, we've coated this ingenious creation with a layer of natural, odorless Paraffin wax. This wax not only enhances flammability but also ensures that no unwanted aromas interfere with your fireside experience, providing a clean and pure burn.

Engineered for ease, each Pine wood piece guarantees a swift ignition, generating a robust flame that burns steadily for an impressive 6 to 8 minutes. Whether you're setting ablaze your BBQ charcoal, charcoal chimney, firewood, fire pit, campfire, briquettes, or bricks, our fire-starting product guarantees a hassle-free and odor-free initiation.

Revolutionize your outdoor cooking and gatherings with a touch of convenience and innovation. Embrace the simplicity of a perfect ignition as you immerse yourself in the warmth and ambiance of a flawlessly kindled fire, all made possible by the natural essence of Pine.

50 x pieces per pack

Weight & Dimensions

Each Piece: 5cm in length each

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great product

Michael S.
Amazing product at great prices

Highly recommend product and company, great website and range of eco friendly options for firewood, starters and accessories. Very friendly and professional staff. Deliveries are no problems throughout Melbourne and regional area's. A new emerging dynamic leader in this field!

Ally R.
Great product

These work well to get the fire started and keep on burning.


These are the best firelighters from home and camping

kaye Z.

They are so good to work not need many either fire was a ripper every time we started one.