Holiday Timetable

Ho ho ho! Hold onto your jingle bells, folks, because our merry delivery elves are taking a well-deserved break to celebrate with their families this Christmas. Don't fret your little chestnuts though, your праздничный goodies will still arrive between Christmas and New Year, just in time to warm your winter wonderland with the glow of your new firepit (and maybe even roast a marshmallow or two... for the cat, obviously).

Speaking of furry friends, fear not, even though they're clueless about the whole "holiday" thing, your precious feline will still get its litter box fix (because let's be real, who wants to deal with a grumpy Garfield on Christmas morning?).

Now, brace yourselves for some sleigh-bell surprises: we've had to shift a few delivery dates around to keep our elves happy (and caffeinated). Check out the handy dandy table in the image to see when your праздничный loot will be landing on your doorstep.

And if you're one of those "must-have-it-now" grinches, our express delivery options are still prancing like sugar plums, so hop on over to our website and get your fix!

Remember, folks, a happy elf is a fast elf, so let's spread some holiday cheer and understanding. Happy holidays from all of us here! Now go forth and make this season one for the history books, filled with laughter, joy, and enough presents to make even Scrooge do a jig!

P.S. Please excuse the typo in the original message - it seems even our elves get a little tipsy around the holidays!

Check below to see what day you would normaly get your delivery