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My Big Eco Bin - Kiln-Dried American Oak Offcuts - New Bin Included

My Big Eco Bin - Kiln-Dried American Oak Offcuts - New Bin Included

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Experience the luxury of our thoughtfully selected American Oak offcuts, thoughtfully prepared to complement flued fireplaces like Coonaras. Each bin encompasses a generous weight range of 80kg to 100kg, offering you an ample supply of premium American Oak offcuts that promise to elevate your fireplace indulgence.


Seamless Workability: Crafted from thoroughly dried American Oak, these offcuts epitomize ease of use. Their exceptionally low moisture content simplifies handling, ensuring a hassle-free experience as you stoke the flames of your Coonara fireplace.

Precision Cut: Our offcuts have been intricately tailored to seamlessly integrate with the dimensions of most standard Coonara fireplaces. This meticulous preparation guarantees a harmonious fit, enabling you to relish the warmth and allure of your fireplace without any hindrances.

Unparalleled Dryness: The inherent dryness of this American Oak variety guarantees an uninterrupted, controlled burn. This attribute not only enriches the ambiance but also contributes to cleaner emissions and heightened heat efficiency.

Sealer Alert: It's important to acknowledge that some offcut ends might feature a protective sealer application. This sealer safeguards the wood's quality during transportation and storage. We recommend omitting these sealed ends from use to ensure optimal performance.

Usage Recommendations:

Ideal Fireplace Choice: Our American Oak offcuts are meticulously designed for use solely in flued fireplaces such as Coonaras. These fireplaces provide a secure setting for efficient, controlled burning.

Exclusion from Certain Environments: Due to the presence of the sealer application, we firmly advise against utilizing these offcuts in pizza ovens and open fires. This precaution is taken to ensure the highest safety and performance standards.

Indulge in the opulence of American Oak offcuts, meticulously selected to accentuate the charm of your Coonara fireplace. Their user-friendly attributes, tailored dimensions, and compatibility with flued fireplaces make them the perfect choice for enhancing the allure and efficiency of your Coonara setup. Revel in the cozy warmth while adhering to our usage recommendations for a truly gratifying experience.

Weight & Dimensions

240l wheelie bin full of Amercan Oak Offcuts

Bin Dimensions:

W: 58cm D: 73cm H: 109cm

Approx. weight:

Wood: 80KG                

Wood + Bin: 92.5KG

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Monre M.
Better than expected

Great buy, wood burns consistently. Super handy bins to store wood and kindling while keeping it dry.

Kiln dried off cuts are very useful

I found these offcuts very useful to start a fireplace fire. I use the small round briquettes and kindling to start a fire then when that takes off I use the larger 247 bricks and offcuts. These are great products delivered to my door and as a person with only a fireplace for heating a house south of Melbourne I am very happy to recommend these products.

Charles S.
Lots of burnable fuel

The kiln dried offcuts light a bit quicker than Australian fire logs, and larger ones are certainly easier to split! Can only see if they compare price-wise when the bin is empty, but so far they look at least similar to a cubic metre of logs.

Robyn B.
Kiln Dried American Oak Offcuts

Warmth and surprisingly very little ash! Just bought my second bin load