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Awesome Briquettes

Love the briquettes. Gives off a lot of heat. Service from Eco service and delivery is 2nd to none. Will not stop ordering. Se photo of where I use the Briquettes.

Great Product

I have tried both of these kiln dried products and they are a delight to use...

Big eco bin exchange

Great customer service, always on time delivery, excellent quality hardwood

Paraffin firestarters

Easy to handle … work perfect and clean to the hands

My Big Eco Bin - Kiln-Dried Hardwood Bricks - Bin Exchange
Ray Y.
Great product

Couple of years using them now and still loving the product

My Big Eco Bin - Kiln-Dried Hardwood Bricks - Bin Exchange
Eleanor B.
Always on time

Great product. Always on time. Never any issues. Repeat buyer.

Great to start the fire

We use these to start and augment our coonara wood heater. They are perfect to get a decent coal base started next to a larger piece of Redgum to then start adding further smaller bits of hardwood. We've also used them in our chiminea and they put out great heat and last a reasonable time so long as you can adjust the flue.

Easy Access

I have found the smaller bins both a bit lighter to move around and easier to access the lower half of the bin. Great service delivered to your door.

Keep us warn

I have to spend a lot of time to look after my mum who is suffering from Dementia, so I have had no time to gather firewood for this season. Your products have been a lifesaver. They burn for a long time and are easy to light. Thank you. I will buy again

My Big Eco Bin - Kiln-Dried Hardwood Bricks - Bin Exchange
Christie M.
Love em!

Love these bigger bricks, so hot!

Excellent product

Less hassle in cleaning the litter tray. Delivery and customer service is A+

My Big Eco Bin - Kiln-Dried Hardwood Bricks - New Bin Included
Chris W.
Kiln-dried bricks for fire

They burn cleanly and output good heat and seem to last for a similar time to hardwood. It is super convenient having the bin and good to not worry so much about spiders and splinters. Obviously a bit more expensive than wood.

It’s lighter weight than our previous product, which we’re adjusting to, and it doesn’t disguise the wee smell 100% - but it is like 95% disguised, so still great. The lighter weight makes it a little more scattered outside the litter tray, but it doesn’t track all over the place. And no dust!!!

My Big Eco Bin - Kiln-Dried Hardwood Bricks - New Bin Included
scott m.

My Big Eco Bin - Kiln-Dried Hardwood Bricks - New Bin Included

Fussy cats.

My cats both refused to use it.

My Big Eco Bin - Kiln-Dried Hardwood Bricks - Bin Exchange
John M.
ECO 247 excellent

No fuss delivery. As purchased online.

Kitty litter bin change over

This kitty litter is the best ever doesn’t smell and easy to clean. The door service is fantastic so handy

Love wool fire starters

Great fire starter - no smell, starts first time either larger kindling or Ricketts. Love them

Lots fits in, all fires up

Small bin, but packed tight with nicely varied kindling that helps our fire start with little fuss.

Excellent product

We have a bin of the briquettes as well as the wood wool fire lighters. Lighting fire is now a breeze, set it, light it and let it go! No more blowing ash from previous fire everywhere, or puffing like a train to get it going. When we used the last firelighter I immediately ordered more because they work way better than the "Jiffy" ones....

Beautiful hardwood

This is the Second of the Big Eco Bin -Kiln Dried American Oak Offcuts that I’ve gotten ,the wood is simply beautiful, dry hardwood that burns long and hot.

Bonza Briquettes

Great product, great people, great delivery service, just great all around. 🙏

These briquettes are very handy

In fact these briquettes are more than handy and probably awesome. With an Eco247 firelight under them they really take off. Highly recommended