Axe Those Winter Bills: Grab Your Firewood Cash Back with the Non-Mains Energy Concession!

Axe Those Winter Bills: Grab Your Firewood Cash Back with the Non-Mains Energy Concession!

At Eco247, we know you love keeping warm with the comforting crackle of firewood. But let's face it, even the coziest logs can't soothe the sting of a hefty winter heating bill. That's where the Non-Mains Energy Concession swoops in like a winter fairy godmother, showering eligible Aussies who use firewood with greenbacks they can actually use on more wood!

Hold a concession card? Heat your home with firewood? Then brace yourself for sweet, sweet savings!

The Non-Mains Energy Concession offers annual rebates of up to $619 based on your firewood expenses. That's a whole lotta logs saved from the bill-burning bonfire! It's like turning every cozy fire into a cash fire – thanks, government!

Ready to claim your firewood fortune?

It's easier than chopping kindling! Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Check your eligibility: Head to the Non-Mains Energy Concession website or call the Concessions Information Line on 1800 658 521.
    1. Download the application form: You can grab it online or from your local council office.
    1. Gather those firewood receipts: Proof of your 2023 wood-fueled warmth is key, so hunt down those invoices and receipts.
    1. Send it in: Mail your completed form and supporting documents to the address listed on the form.

Boom! You're on your way to financial firewoodphoria! Remember, applications close on December 31st of the following year, so don't let this opportunity go up in smoke!

At Eco247, we're passionate about sustainable firewood and making your winter wallet happy. That's why we stock a wide range of ethically sourced, high-quality firewood to keep your home toasty and your bank account smiling. So grab your chainsaw (okay, maybe just your credit card), stock up on some Eco247 goodness, and claim your Non-Mains Energy Concession!

Useful Links:

    • Concessions Information Line: 1800 658 521
    • Eco247 firewood: [link to your firewood page]

Let's turn up the heat on savings and keep the eco-fire burning bright!

Together, we can make winter warmer and wallets fatter.

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